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Digital Transformation

In a world of rapid digital transformation, we help you respond to the challenges.  Our founder, David V. Cabral, has decades of experience creating technology initiatives to disrupt and enhance underwriting and broking operations.  Artemis Specialty Ltd builds upon this expertise and works with (re)insurance clients to execute a digital transformation programme and realize the value of generating efficiencies, increasing client satisfaction and generating sustainable profits.
We help insurtech start-ups understand the complexities of their target markets and the need to rapidly respond to regulatory requirements. The (re)insurance industry is still highly regulated throughout the world and much of insurtech is being designed without a complete understanding of complex regulatory requirements when selling insurance. 
We also introduce insurtech start-ups to business partners that will proactively support your business models and we will stress test your business model to ensure your target markets will result in revenue, profits and increased company valuation.
(Re)insurance Companies
A successful business model incorporates technology as a key pillar of its success.  We work with our (re)insurance clients to help them reduce costs, improve efficiencies, develop new distribution channels and fine-tune or create new products that customers will purchase through a variety of areas such as efficiently capturing and analysing data, utilising new technologies and enhancing existing client technologies.
Technology Companies
We work with our insurtech clients in a variety of areas including regulatory assistance and new product development. 
We also work with other non-insurtech technology companies to help them identify ways they can expand their customer base and support the (re)insurance industry.
Insurtech Mentorships
We provide a variety of mentorship services for insurtech start ups.