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Artemis Specialty Ltd welcomes Janet Fjeldstad as Board Advisor and Consulting Partner


MAJURO, Republic of the Marshall Islands - 8 April 2017 - Artemis Specialty Ltd, a Marshall Islands-registered insurtech, insurance and reinsurance consulting company, today announced that Janet Fjeldstad has joined the Advisory Board of Artemis and has alsojoined the company as a Consulting Partner, where she will lead a number of specialised consulting services the company offers to its clients.


Artemis Managing Director, David V. Cabral, commented “We are extremely pleased to welcome Janet to the Artemis Advisory Board.  Her extensive experience consulting, start-up, underwriting and broking experience bring together a unique set of skills  we can offer to (re)insurance clients seeking to implement cutting-edge change transformation programs.  For our insurtech clients, her start-up experience will help them rapidly identify and overcome start-up hurdles.  Janet's captive and physicians' group experience will help our insurtech and (re)insurance clients create product and service offerings in the commercial insurance P2P markets, an area we believe holds great opportunities".


Ms. Fjeldstad is San Francisco-based and is the founder of PowerPartners International, a consulting  company that specializes in supporting professionals whose personal lives have suffered in the wake of their business success. The company helps it clients' achieve successful personal partnerships through the identification and alteration of habits, behaviors, attitudes, motivations and communication style.



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Through our network of independent consultants and service providers, Artemis Specialty Ltd provides guidance to startups, insurers, reinsurers, brokers and industrial technology companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.  For more information about Artemis, please visit



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